Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Hi all, I'm so excited to finally share with you the first set of images that have been shot on film. All the images in this post have been shot on 35MM film using my Mum's Olympus Muji II, yes my she had the famous Olympus Muji camera hidden in the depths of her camera draw. After I stumbled upon it when she was having a winter clear out, she kindly passed it onto me and after a trip into town to buy a roll of film and a new battery I instantly started snapping.

As I haven't quite got the self-timer worked out just yet, these pictures were taken by Mum, who seems to be better at using a film camera that digital or even an iPhone come to think of it.

I know it may not be my best look or even the best pictures that I have shared with you, but we all have to start somewhere right! I know I'm going right back to basics but I've always loved film photography, I always feel more creative and if the pictures don't come out quite right it's not the end of the world.

The colour of the wall compliments the array of colours and patterns in my new-ish skirt from Simply Be and I just had to try the camera out. Achieving the pose right but it's so much harder with a film camera, you can't just delete an image if you don't like it or shoot on continuous mode when using an SLR camera, but that's something for me to get used to as time goes on.

I hope you like these photographs as much as I do. I can't wait to share more content on film with you all very soon.

Skirt: Simply Be | T-Shirt: Lacoste | Bag: Prada | Traniers: Reebok | Sunglasses: Rayban


Saturday, 13 April 2019


Hi everyone, hope you are all having a fab weekend! It may be 4pm on a Saturday afternoon but I have had such a productive day; I've picked my skirt up from the alterations shop, collect my very first roll of camera film photographs (more about that in a post very soon), visited my grandparents, organised my outfits for a shoot tomorrow and even found time to write this post.

Back in February I stumbled upon a box in the back of my shoe cupboard that just so happened to contain my beloved Dr Martens boots. It may have been a while since I last wore them so it was definitely time to show them a little bit of love.

This is the point where I sound like an old lady but, I'm not a fan of wearing heels and I like my choice of footwear to be as comfortable as possible, so for me pairing this fabulous star and lightning bold wrap dress from asos with my Dr Martens felt so natural and right. As my boots are textures leather I decided to stick with a black colour palette for my accessories and played around with the different textures; suede bag and velvet jacket. 

Photographed by Katie | Katie Meehan 

Dress: ASOS | Blazer: Eloquii | Bag: Simon Miller | Boots: Dr Martens

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