Sunday, 29 January 2017


Jacket here | Skirt here | Polo hereConverse | Bag Mulberry similar | Sunnies here 

With frost still on the ground there is nothing better than wrapping up warm in a cosy oversized jacket.  Thankfully I received this leather jacket for Christmas and its been keeping me warm during January. 

I know that you probably thinking that I'm crazy to wear bare legs in this weather, but i was going through my wardrobe and this beautiful skirt from Elvi brought an instant smile to me face. I'm a big fan of pleated skirts, its the way they move on the body that make me swoon so. Paired with a simple polo the mustard colour adds a style punch to a very black outfit, and I like to think the pleats are a little flattering. 

Anyway back to the jacket! the oversized shape is perfect for an off duty look. The leather is so soft, along with the faux fur its like wearing a blanket an instantly makes me feel warmer. When its really windy I like to turn up the collar to keep my not so little ears warn while channeling my inner T-bird and trying to be COOL! 

I've also realised that my bag is constantly by my side, next time I will remember to move my bag out of shot and focus on the outfit. 


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