Monday, 2 April 2018

Black on Black, with a spot of white

Photographed by Sarah | Up In Lights 

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fab Easter weekend and are taking full advantage of the first bank holiday of 2018. I've had a very quite weekend, that mainly consisted of spring cleaning my wardrobe, placing a ridiculous amount of online orders in the hope that we may get some nicer weather in the north so I can pack away all of my winter coats. I did ventured out of the house on Saturday to see Jersey Boys, one of my all time favourite musicals. It was brilliant. and yes i was tapping my feet and singing along to every song, its hard to believe just how many hits the Four Seasons had especially when we still listen to them today.

For those who have read my last post you will be aware that in recent months my style has become more minimalistic, consisting of jeans and tees. I'm proud to say that I'm consistent and the only thing you can really wear to go for a walk round a country park is jeans, comfy shoes and a ruffled blouse. I would like to let yo all know that I was wearing a coat, it just wasn't very photogenic.

I've had these jeans for months and I've only just plucked up the courage to actually were them in public,  not sure why, maybe its because i won too many pairs of jeans and i have my favourites that i always go to first. I am however please to say that i love the fit of these and i may have ordered two new pairs in different washes! I know I'm a bad person, but moving on very quickly......

What i really love about this outfit is the blouse, it add a touch of sass! i love that the ruffles are not too in your face and the delicateness of the spots are the perfect size, and contact with the black denim perfectly to add extra texture.

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